Saturday, 26 May 2012

The trip to Mumbai

On Monday, the twins were cleared by Dr. Anita to fly to Mumbai.  We had scheduled an appointment at the US Consulate in Mumbai on Wednesday morning, so had planned to fly on Tuesday.  We reassured the doctor that we were bringing our nanny, the fabulous Maloa, with us, and that we were spending a week, to minimize the travel impact on the babies.  Camilla gained almost 100 grams in 3 days and was above her birthweight.  Oliver gained less, but was still gaining.  He has been vomiting a bit after eating, so now is taking Domperidone every 6 hours.  Great news.  Our long journey home begins now.  

The next 24 hours brought lots of organization and planning.  We bought our tickets to Mumbai online.  We have been impressed with how smoothly some things work here in India.  When Matteo's credit card was rejected due to fraud protection, within one minute his phone rang.  The online booking agency was ringing him to help him complete the transaction.  That would never happen in the US.  Tickets bought, we moved on to hotels.  We advised the Rama of our departure and contacted our friend in Mumbai to help us book accomodations in Mumbai.  We packed our things, sent Maloa home to do the same and said our goodbyes.  We are planning on coming back through Anand on our way home, so this is just a break.  

Tuesday morning was a bit chaotic of course.  We inhaled a quick breakfast and headed over to the clinic to say our emotional goodbye to Kailash.  Then the car service picked us up and we were off to the airport.  Not without drama, the driver was late & needed gas.  For an 11:55 flight, we arrived at the airport at 11:20.  I was panicked we'd miss the flight, but as things go in India, we were just on time.  Our carry-on bags were a big drama, over the limit by 2-3X...7kg is nothing!  We had to check our most precious belongings (not Oliver & Camilla thank God) and hope for a safe arrival in Mumbai.  The hour-long flight to Mumbai was a breeze and the airport was so modern.  First impressions are Mumbai is very cosmopolitan.  We fetch our bags and gather our thoughts.  The cutest old lady can't believe we have twins, this small.  She asks her son to take our photo together.  The whole family jumps in and blesses us.  So sweet.  

We head to the Mehru car service desk.  This is the air-conditioned option.  You set up an account with your mobile number, call the car, and they come to take you to your destination.  It works so smoothly.  Again, an utter surprise.  We book the car inside the airport;  by the time we use the restroom the cellphone is ringing.  Our driver is looking for us.  We are sent a text message with his liscence plate, name and phone number.   That was easy, now to the hotel.   I'll save that part for tomorrow.     

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