Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The "alleged" father

One of the hoops we had to jump through in this international surrogacy road was proving that these babies are ours.  We are passing US citizenship through parenthood, so we need to prove that they are in fact our kids genetically.  When searching for the DNA testing center near us, I discovered that there are but a few we could choose from.  There is a certification process that only some testing centers have completed to qualify for this purpose.  Apparently DNA testing for international surrogacy is a small fraction of all the DNA testing done in the US.  Monday's are their busy day.  Lots of weekend drama makes Monday's busy for the DNA testing folks.  I hoped we wouldn't need to call from India on a Monday.  The process is a bit demeaning as every time I call, they refer to my husband and sperm donor as the "alleged father".  I feel like I'm on the Jerry Springer show.    

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